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Goal: Our implementation of the Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF) in Cambodia aims to empower citizens, strengthen partnerships between sub-national administrators (SNAs) and citizens, and enhance the accountability of SNA's and local service providers such as Commune Primary Schools, Commune Health Centers and Commune Councils.

Components (Objectives & Activities): The I-SAF consists of four operational objectives:

  1. Access to information and budgets - Makes provisions to provide citizens with information about policies, standards, budgets, and performance data related to a core set of public services - initially, communes, health centers, and primary schools - on an annual basis.

  2. Citizen Monitoring - Introduces annual facilitated citizen monitoring of these services with a view to promoting citizen voice, productive dialogue between citizens and public officials/service providers, and collective actions for improvement.

  3. Facilitation and Capacity Building - Supports the successful implementation of Components 1 and 2 by training local actors in I-SAF-related themes to act as a bridge between citizens and state actors.

  4. Learning and Monitoring - track the progress and results of the program, documents lessons and uses this learning to improve practices and policies over time.

Each component involves both 'demand-side' (civil society) and 'supply-side' (government) actions.